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Here are a few common question about this low-carb diet plan. For more things that you may be wondering about, see our

full low-carb FAQ


These recipes provide too much food for me. Do I have to eat all of it?

No. Our servings are simply designed to provide enough food for most people. If you feel satisfied and not hungry before finishing, it’s a great idea to stop. Especially if you want to lose weight, don’t eat more than you need to feel good.

Any leftovers can be shared with others or saved for later. If you regularly find our servings too large (perhaps if you’re a fairly small person), feel free to reduce the amounts in the recipes!

As long as you stick to the meal plan and only eat when you are hungry, your chances of losing excess weight are very good. You don’t need to count calories on this diet. Your appetite will be reduced and you may even burn around

300 more calories per day


I’m still hungry after eating some meals. What should I do?

Feel free to add more of any truly low-carb, high-fat food. The easiest way is to just add more fat to your meal, like butter, olive oil or mayonnaise.

Top 10 ways to eat more fat

What if I’m hungry between meals? Can I snack?

People usually stay satisfied on a low-carb, high-fat diet, vastly decreasing the need for snacking. If you’re regularly hungry and need to snack you should probably eat more at the meals, especially more fat!

However, if you really feel the need to snack occasionally, here’s our

low-carb snacks guide

I don’t eat meat/dairy/[insert excluded food]. Can I still eat low carb?

Yes. Just eat other low-carb foods. You can even eat a

vegetarian low-carb diet

, or a

dairy-free low-carb diet


For more, have a look at our

low-carb foods guidelines

Can I drink alcohol on a low-carb diet?

Yes. But make sure to drink low-carb things, like wine or whiskey.

Full low-carb alcohol guide

Full low-carb diet FAQ

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