7 Tips For Following The Banting Diet Plan On A Budget

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Following the Banting diet plan needn’t be expensive, with these clever planning tips.

One of the most common arguments raised by people new to the Banting diet plan is that the eating regime is too expensive. With careful planning it need not be.

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The key to success is to make small changes in your daily habits, in order to create Banting recipes on a budget in South Africa.

Try these tips from Braeside butcher Caroline McCann and the Banting Network to stop you from breaking the bank.

Shop at farmer’s markets

Cut out the middle-man and go directly to the source. The huge selection of fresh vegetables, meat and dairy products make the early-bird trip worth it! Not only are the prices reasonable, but the people are passionate about real food.

There are many such markets offering good quality, local products, well below the cost of the local grocery store.

Plan meals ahead of time

If you’re eating pre-packed, frozen junk food, very little thought is given to optimising the products purchased. However, when Banting, most of the products are fresh and spoil relatively quickly.

The secret to success is to plan your meals in advance. For example, if you buy a large cauliflower, try find two or three separate meals from it. Perhaps do one third cauliflower rice, one third mash and the other third steamed with butter, which you eat immediately. The other two can be frozen or paired with another meal the same week.

Add up the numbers

If you think of all the times you bought a chocolate bar at a petrol station or ate a packet of chips while watching a mid-week movie, it adds up to a substantial amount of money.

When you develop a healthy relationship with food you’ll avoid quick snacks that don’t fill you up. The money freed up by stopping the junk can easily go towards good quality products that are nutritious and satiating.

Buy in season

It’s no secret that buying a brocolli in winter costs you 40% more. Do your research on which products come into season at which time of the year and try adjust your purchases accordingly. Limited supply means increased prices.

Look for cost effective alternatives

Why would you pay R30.00 for 200g of bacon when you could pay R30.00 for 1kg of spek. Not only is it cheaper, but spek (found in South African grocery chains) has more fat and a smokier flavour.

Another example: Instead of buying pre-cut chicken breasts, rather opt for full chickens and cut them up yourself. Use the carcass to make a delicious stock, ensuring you waste nothing.

Here are some more expert tips for banting on a budget

Buy in bulk

If you buy bigger quantities, you generally get a better price. As your local butcher/fishmonger for a special deal if you buy larger quantities and you will be surprised how much you can save when shopping for Banting diet recipes.

Eat nose-to-tail

Be adventurous and try everything, cheeks, necks, short ribs, flanks, shins, livers, at least once. If you only eat steaks, you’ll always find it expensive to eat meat. Ask your butcher for cuts you remember from your childhood like your Granny’s bredie meat (usually a mix of lamb flanks and cubed beef forequarters) and use for your Banting recipes.

Cheaper cuts

are Karoo Lamb necks and Beef Shins. Karoo lamb necks are perfect in potjies with a little sherry, tomatoes and fresh rosemary. Beef shins can be slowly braised with veggies and a little drop of your favourite red wine. Like oxtail the marrow becomes sticky and is even better the day after.

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