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Over the past year, the Banting diet has increased in popularity with more and more people finding the positive benefits that such an approach to eating and lifestyle offers in terms of weight loss but also in terms of overall health. In this blog we trace the origins of the Banting diet, explore it’s current format and help to explain the similarities between Banting and a Low Carb Ketogenic Diet.

What is Banting?

The original Banting diet, was first proposed by William Banting back in 1864, an English undertaker in Victorian England. His advice, published in “Letter on Corpulence” (found online at:

) would be in modern times described as high protein, high fat and low carbohydrate, with no calorie restriction.

Banting published his experience at his own expense and his medical advisor, William Harvey, followed his lead publishing a more in depth medical approach explaining how this dietary approach works in 1872.

Banting in the 21st Century

The classic composition of the banting diet i.e. Low carb/ High fat/ moderate protein, is exactly how the Natural Low Carb Store meals are composed, providing you with less than 15% of total carbohydrates throughout your day.

The Banting version currently proposed by Prof Noakes, the main advocate for this approach in 2015, states that items such as wheat, oats, and peas are on the red list. The reason for this being that when following a Banting diet on your own, avoiding items is much easier and more effective than portion control.

However, some of the items on the orange list, even in the portion sizes advised by Prof Noakes, would have a direct impact on your body’s ability to efficiently burn fat for energy due to their naturally high sugar/starch content and in turn impact on insulin levels. Examples include apples, bananas, honey, sweet potatoes, etc.

Our products are all specially designed to ensure that your body is running on fat, both dietary and stored fat. The biochemical process that allows this to happen is all connected to how different foods impact our blood sugar levels and in turn our need for insulin.

Natural Low Carb Store = Banting

Like Prof Noakes, we base our advice on food choices and meals from items in the green list. However, as our products are already pre-prepared and portion controlled, this gives us a little bit more flexibility with the ingredients as we can tightly control their portion and in turn their contribution on our blood sugar levels.

There are different versions of Banting diets under different names and different approaches, however all follow the same school of thought that a decrease of sugars and starches in the diet is beneficial for weight loss and most importantly on health. The main premise of avoiding and limiting foods that fall within this category is based on the physiological response that happens within our bodies i.e. stable insulin levels which in turn will allow our fat burning hormones to do their job of burning fat for energy, a state known as dietary ketosis.

How can the Natural Low Carb Store help you follow a Banting diet?

Our products have all been designed to ensure that throughout any day, you do not consume more than 60g of dietary carbohydrates. On average, you are consuming between 40-50g of total daily carbohydrates throughout your day when you are using our products. By keeping our carbohydrate intake to below 60g, this will naturally ensure that our insulin levels remain low and stable throughout the day thereby allowing for a state of dietary ketosis to be implemented within our body.

All our products have been designed to allow such a physiological change to take place. In fact, our products are also used as part of various ketogenic dietary therapies aimed at managing epilepsy,cancer as well as diabetes.

Feel free to get in touch with us, we’ll answer any questions you have and help you make an informed decision.

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