Banting Diet : Eat Fats , lose weight !!

Why Banting diet?

Lately, in the world of nutrition, so many diets have appeared that all of them began to look like one to another. Most diets today are reduced to a controlled intake of carbs, that is, on increased protein intake; these are popular high-protein diets like Chrono, Atkins, etc. Many will think that only their names are different and that the principle is the same. However, this is not the case with Banting diet.

Banting diet is based on fats, which are slightly neglected in the world of nutrition. To someone who is not familiar with the benefits of macronutrients, it’s not clear how any diet can support the intake of fats when these are the main culprits for getting weight (?) This is a huge mistake, and Banting diet is a great example how to deny the fact about noxiousness of lipids (fats).

(Why you need to eat fat to burn fat?)


In general, fats are not your enemies. There are good and bad fats. Banting diet is based on the intake of good fats. The best choice for you is unsaturated fats, but you need to understand that saturated fatty acids are also good for you when you take control of their intake.

You can mainly find bad fats in processed products, junk food, and ready-to-eat dishes. These are the main culprits for creating fat deposits inside and on the body. On the other hand, unsaturated fatty acids are here to provide you with energy for everyday activities. This macronutrient is of essential importance for the proper functioning of your liver, heart, etc.

(Fat facts: Good fats vs bad fats)


And Banting diet promotes the use of these fats.

Bad fats are forbidden on the Banting diet – this regime is based on good fats that our organism can use as an alternative “fuel” instead of carbohydrates.

Is Banting diet another commercial lie?

Nowadays, every nutritionist develops his nutrition program, which is then commercialized and provided to users. Based on what results that these programs get, some are more or less successful. However, this should be taken with reserve because the results can be individual and depend on many factors. No one can guarantee you that Banting diet will get you to the beach body.

For example, Banting diet will give good results to people who want to increase muscle mass, and reduce smaller fatty deposits; obese people will have little difficulty in adhering to the principle of Banting diet because their health condition requires a more rigorous nutrition.

What is Banting diet?

The Banting diet named regarding

William Banting

the first person who popularise a weight loss diet based on limiting the carbs intake, Banting diet works on the principle of consuming simple, fresh and less-processed foods. In other words, there are no refined sugar and carbohydrates, which harm your health and look. On Banting diet, you’ll consume foods that contain healthy fats and which is easy to prepare.

Considering the reduced consumption of carbs, it is noticeable that the calorie intake on this diet has also been reduced. You will think, of course, it’s easy to lose weight when we eat half as much. That’s another mistake about Banting diet. You do not eat less in quantity, but only carefully select the ingredients.

If you only reduce your meals in amount, your weight loss will be visible, but the volume of fatty deposits inside your body would remain the same. The conclusion is that you have only lost water. At Banting diet, there is a calorie, but not a quantitative deficit. Instead of foods that are stored in the form of fatty deposits, we consume food that stimulates muscle growth, accelerating metabolism, and gradual loss of pounds. Fats burn fat, remember this rule. On Banting diet, you’ll lose fat, not water and air.

We mentioned controlled intake of carbs on Banting diet. Carbs equal energy. But what happens if we do not burn all the carbs? These deposit in the form of fat and remain long in our body, around organs, and in the visible places. And in time, it can significantly jeopardize, not just our appearance, but also our health. Banting diet is here to prove you that you can live without or with the minimal consumption of carbs.

How Banting diet works

The goal of Banting diet is that the body gradually begins the process of ketosis or the combustion of fat. When the organism uses all the energy supplies that are generated by the intake of carbs, it needs a new source of strength. It usually takes 3, 4 days, so we must immediately emphasize that the Banting diet is not a miracle and does not promise results overnight.

After several days of non-taking carbs on Banting diet, our body turns to the burning of fatty deposits as an alternative source of energy. This process is called ketosis. The ketosis process lasts as long as your body has fatty deposits. (

What is ketosis?



So it’s important to know when to stop. When the fat reserves melted down, your body will start to decompose your muscle tissue, and that’s not what you want to achieve with Banting diet. In that case, you will continue to lose weight, but your muscles will atrophy, which can seriously endanger your health.

Therefore, it is recommended that, if you plan to keep Banting diets for a long time, you should do this under the medical supervision. Over time, this food regime will require several modifications, because it is not good for you to eliminate carbs from your nutrition completely.

In controlled amounts, these macronutrients are good for your health because of having an irreplaceable role in the process of regulating hormones, body heat, the work of some organs, etc. In addition, the carbs affect our mood; their lack, in the long run, can lead to specific psychological problems. However, if at the start of Banting Diet you set certain rules, which you can adhere to after losing weight, there is no fear that the pounds will return when you start with the regular nutrition again.

Benefits of Banting diet

On Banting diet, there is no starvation, but there is no overeating too. The rule is to eat until you feel full. We have already noted that Banting diet does not limit you in terms of caloric value, but only in the selection of foods.

For example, for lunch, you could eat a large portion of french fries (200g), which contains over 600kcal and about 30g of saturated fat, but in Banting diet, you will rather choose the delicious piece of steak, with a generous portion of vegetables from Green list. This meal has almost twice as fewer calories than fries, and the nutritional values cannot be compared. Steak and vegetables meet our daily requirements for nutrients, while fries are “empty” calories.

Ketones produced in the process of decomposition of fatty tissues reduce appetite. These ketosis products in Banting diet, have a specific chemical composition, which leads to a minor disbalance in acid-base level in the organism. After a couple of days at Banting Diet, you will notice that, in your mouth, you feel the mild taste of the metal. It’s a normal sign that your body started the ketosis process.

The weight loss on a Banting diet is slower than when you are on “ordinary” low-calorie diets, but it’s constant. For the first few weeks of this regime, you may only lose 4 or 5 pounds. If you correct your eating habits and exercise at the same time, the proteins you enter will participate in the faster build-up of muscles. And since the muscle tissue is heavier than fat, you may think Banting Diet doesn’t work in your case.

What about the bad sides of Banting diet?

There are several negative effects of the Banting diet that we have to mention, but these do not endanger your health if the food regime is taken under the supervision of an expert.

When we explained the process of ketosis in Banting diet, we mentioned the possibility that due to excessive protein consumption, you may feel the taste of the metal in your mouth. This side effect is known as halitosis.

(Low-Carb Diets Can Cause Bad Breath)



Bad breath is one of the consequences that will occur when you are on a Banting diet, but it won’t kill you. Regular hygiene of the mouth and teeth, chewing gums from time to time, and the use of mouthwash will solve this problem. Another recommendation is to reduce the intake of meat when you feel this taste and to base Banting diet a bit more on the input of vegetables and dairy products.

At the beginning of the Banting diet, it may be difficult for you to adjust the amount of food you eat because you are not used to such nutrition. When we consume carbs and sugars, these create a specific kind of addiction, which makes us eat them again. That’s why, after eating too many carbs, we are quickly hungry again, so we reach for snacks or sweets between meals. Banting diets tend to eradicate this bad habit, so there are no limitations in quantity. Eat until you are full. At first, it might happen to overeat, but you will soon realize what portion sizes are right for you.

It could happen you don’t lose pounds on Banting diet. Why?

You started with Banting diet, you’ve been on it for a while, but those extra pounds are still there. Why is this happening?

There are several reasons why stagnation occurs when you are on Banting diet. One of them is the so-called “hidden” carbs, which can be found mostly in meat products like sausages or hotdogs, in so-called “low-fat” or “0% fat” products, or in milk substitutes.

(10 Surprising Sources Of Carbs)


To avoid this, read the declarations if you already have to buy some foods from Green list of Banting diet.

Also, you may not eat the required amount of fats. That can happen if you avoid meat, and base your Banting diet plan on vegetables. It is a must to make a plan of your meals and to avoid eating between them. Snacks can easily ruin all your efforts. Instead of that, drink some water or unsweetened tea. Maybe you’re just thirsty.

What to eat on Banting diet – Green, Orange and Red Lists

On the Green list of allowed foods are mostly those rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which form the basis of this Banting diet. We will try to give you brief guidelines for this food regime, which you can practice, in a modified form, whenever you want. Orange list of Banting diet concerns the food which intake is not forbidden, but shouldn’t be consumed daily. Logically, the red list contains ingredients that are not according to the rules of Banting diet.

We note that Banting diet does not have caloric limitations, but only reduces to the right choice and combination of foods. The food which you will use in this diet contains a very

high-fiber low percentage of carbs

(<5%), and here is the foods list:


The fatty pieces of meat should form the basis of Banting diet. This foodstuff meets all the requirements; it is the principal source of proteins, abounds in healthy fats, has enough calories, and does not contain carbs. The parts of meat, which contains fatty parts, are much tastier than the lean meat, which many low-calorie diets recommend.

Since we are not all able to produce and eat homemade food, pay attention to the following items when buying meat for your Banting diet:

– Meat you consume on Banting diet should be organic, which means no additives and extra salt.  Fatty parts are essential; give priority to





dark chicken and turkey meat


wings, thighs

, etc).

– Meat products are out of the question. If you have possibilities, occasional use of domestic smoked meat is allowed on Banting diet, like




; Processed meat like sausages, salami, and hotdogs are strictly forbidden.


Eggs are allowed and desirable on Banting diet. These are another great source of protein, and the egg yolks contain healthy fats. You may only need to pay attention if you have high cholesterol problems; be sure to consult your doctor before starting with Banting Diet. If you are a fan of egg or a traditional English breakfast made of bacon and eggs, this diet is the fulfillment of your dreams – you can eat these dishes every day or you can try

egg diet



Fish is a great way to consume omega 3 essential fatty acids. Especially sea fish and seafood abound in these healthy macronutrients.

(Fish And Omega-3 Fatty Acids)


Banting diet allows the consumption of

tuna, salmon, hogfish, shrimps, crab meat

, etc. Only tilefish and swordfish are forbidden, because of the high amount of quicksilver.also if you like tuna fish you can try

tuna diet.

Milk and dairy products

The use of full-fat dairy products is questionable in Banting diet; some recommends these, other ones not. Anyhow, since this diet allows you to choose best ingredients for yourself, use dairy in the certain amount, but you should be careful about them. As much as milk is good for your health, it contains one form of sugar, lactose.

While you’re on Banting diet, you can eat


(soft, hard or fresh),

full-fat sour cream



. Try to reduce the consumption of fresh milk. The sliced cheese we use for toast is not recommended because it is plant-based. Additionally, avoid coffee and tea supplements, and products with the “low-fat” mark.


Apart from meat, vegetables are another principal ingredient in Banting diet. The requirements are following – meat is a source of protein and fat, and in vegetables, there are additional sources of protein, but also the necessary vitamins and minerals for proper functioning. You can eat vegetables in unlimited quantities; the list of forbidden foodstuffs from this group in Banting diet is insignificant.

On Banting diet, you can eat vegetables in a fresh form, cooked, fried or blanched, as a side-dish to meat, or salad. The choice is huge:

– All

green and leafy vegetables

are recommended:

cauliflower, cabbage, kale, broccoli

; these are abundant in antioxidants, which will prevent the bad sides of the ketosis process,

– Vegetables that contain C vitamin, like

paprika, tomatoes, onions



, which contain a significant source of proteins;




as great sources of healthy fatty acids, etc.

Actually, all the vegetables that grow above the earth are allowed. Root vegetables take place on the above-mentioned Orange list of Banting diet. This means that the consumption of sweet potatoes, carrots, and beetroots are allowed from time to time, preferably in fresh form. By cooking, the glycemic index of these vegetables raise; the starch in those is turning into simple sugars. We already know that sugar is a forbidden ingredient in Banting diet.

Starchy vegetables are a big no on Banting diet. Beans, green beans, legumes, potatoes; forget about them while you are on this diet. Although good sources of healthy fats, peanuts are also forbidden in this food regime. Nutritionists discovered that peanut is actually a legume, not a nut. That’s why it should be avoided, at least in the initial stage of Banting diet. This also applies to peanut butter, although it is a great source of proteins and saturated fats.


Perhaps some of you will understand this fact as contradictory, but the fruit is not completely prohibited in Banting diet. Yes, there are sugars in the fruits which are not recommended for this diet. But in controlled quantities, these meet the requirements of Banting diet. So we’ll put fruits on the Orange list of Banting diet.

On Banting diet, it is primarily recommended either seasonal fruit or berries that not only have less sugar but are superior in the amount of antioxidants. Those who are in the restrictive weight loss regime will have to pay more attention to quantity, and this will mean either the temporary elimination or limited intake of fruits.

Oils & Fats

Fats are not culprits for your weight gain. If you use these macronutrients properly and make a good choice, these can be your ally in a battle for lesser pounds and a better life. In short, the rules of Banting diet say – the animal fat YES, vegetable fat, NO, not at all. Why?

The first and primary reason why vegetable fats are not desirable in Banting diet is that these are obtained by industrial processing. Their chemical structure changes at high temperatures and becomes mildly toxic. This refers to cold-pressed oils obtained by processing the seeds, such as sunflower, sesame, grape, rice or soy oil.

On the other hand, the use of oils obtained from the processing of




is beneficial to your health. These foods contain a high percentage of saturated fats, which means that their consumption will provide you with more energy, and you won’t have snacks between meals. Based on these oils, you can make a mayonnaise which meets the requirements of Banting diet. It would be a great salad dressing or a sauce for any meat dish.

The animals have fat in its natural form, and very little processing is required to get oils or products like



duck fat

, which are recommended in Banting diet. As far as preparation of meals is concerned, everything is permitted; even deep-oil frying, from time to time.

Why the grains are not allowed in Banting diet?

Through this article about the good and bad sides of Banting diet, we realized that the oils are not responsible for our weight, but carbs and sugars. What does that have to do with grain?

Grains are propagated as healthy foods for years, but nowadays, a lot of low carb diets have reduced the intake of fiber found in grains. These are abundant with starch, which breaks into the simple sugars, which our body further turns to the energy, and stores the rest as fat deposits.

However, this fact should be taken with caution, although the Banting diet supports the complete elimination of grains. Remember, everything is good in moderate quantities. The problems occur when we start to exaggerate in everything we do.

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