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Banting Diet Food List

are all of the foods that you can eat or those to avoid while following the Banting diet.

The lists are broken up into the Green List, the Orange List and the Red List to make it easy for you to follow the diet without having to always check the carbohydrate values of every food you eat.

The Green List

These are the foods that you can eat relatively freely. The are made up of foods that have a net carbohydrate (net carb) content below 5g per 100g of the food. The food on this list are also all natural real food products and you won’t find anything here that is processed with harmful preservatives and additives. You will find food such as animal protein (pretty much all), vegetables, full cream and full fat dairy, nuts, seeds, fats and oils.

The Orange List

This list is made up of foods that you should eat only occasionally because the net carb content is higher – between 6g and 25g per 100g. You can use the foods on this list as occasional treats. The orange list includes some starchy vegetables, dry and unsweetened alcohol, and most fruit.

The Red List

You know how when you get to a traffic light and it is red, so you obey the colour and STOP?! Well this food list is exactly the same, you should stop before you even put it in the trolley or on your plate. All of the foods in this list will derail you for your weight loss or health goals and should be avoided at all costs. If you have something once in a while it’s ok, we are all human and we shouldn’t feel guilty about it, but this should really only be once in a while. The foods on this list are either very high in net carbohydrates (above 25g per 100g) or they contain ingredients that are toxic to our bodies (like seed and hydrogenated oils, preservatives and additives). Examples of food on this list are all fizzy and sweetened drinks, dried fruit and fruit juices, all bread and baked goods, rice, pasta, couscous and other grains, sugar (all varieties incl. fructose), and anything that is processed. Two good rules here are: 1) If you are not sure, then don’t eat it (there is plenty on the green list to keep you satisfied), and 2) If you cannot pronounce any of the ingredients, then absolutely do not eat!

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