BANTING DIET/ LIFESTYLE (How to lose weight) 2# oils to use

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Published on Mar 18, 2017

BANTING DIET/ LIFESTYLE (How to lose weight) 2# oils to use

what is the banting diet?

Banting is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet, named after William Banting, the first person to do it. It’s recently been made

popular by Professor Tim Noakes in his book The Real Meal Revolution. The idea is that this way of eating makes your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat.

. I keep hearing about ketosis – it sounds like a disease! What is it?

For Banters, this is a bit like achieving Nirvana! If you avoid carbs

and eat enough fat your body goes into ‘ketosis’. Put simply, here’s what it means: when your body is starved of carbs, it starts to burn fat for energy. This process creates ketones in the body; ketones are essentially indicators that you have gone into fat metabolism instead of glucose metabolism – assuming you’re not underweight, this is good! To get into this state of ketosis, you need to eat around 50g or less net carbs per day. Remember, it’s not essential to go into ketosis; a less strict form of Banting may be enough for you.

. Is it true that eating dairy slows down your weight loss?

Some people are more sensitive to dairy than others. If you hit a plateau in your weight loss, try cutting it out and you should start losing weight again.

best way to lose weight

banting is ideal diet or lifestyle if you want to lose weight fast the banting diet was created by tim noakes so the diet is well know as the tim noakes banting diet he had trouble losing weight so he desided to try to lose weight using the high fat low carb diet called the banting and finally he was succesfull in losing weigh after trying to lose weight for so long because he had type two diabetes and had an insulin resistance which made it very difficult to lose weight after tim noakes discovered how successful the banting diet was in losing weight fast he decided to write a book and tell the world about the amazing high fat low carb diet he wanted to let every one know that you can how to lose weight at home fast banting diet has changed the life of millions of people and even though it is still unknown diet i want to inform people around the world about the amazing way to lose weight faster than ever

banting is an amazing low carb high fat diet plan and needs the regognition that it deserves i will post more low carb high fat diet recipes later for people that find it difficult to prepare high fat low carb meals

low carb high fat diet meal plan

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