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Banting –  on everyone’s lips

Chances are you have heard this word being thrown around at dinner parties, at the office and on the airwaves. Banting is on everyone’s lips.

Back in 1861, Dr William Harvey, a successful doctor in London’s Harley Street, treated a Mr Banting for obesity with a high fat low carb diet. Mr Banting had such great success with the diet prescribed to him, that he wrote about it in an open letter to tell others.

Tim Noakes has recently ignited this way of eating again, and it seems that the majority of people that have taken to banting, have had great success resulting in weight loss and much improved overall health.

The basic banting principles prescribe a diet high in fat and low in carbs: it’s less about counting calories, and more about counting carbs. Keeping your carb intake under 100g a day is ideal. Eating fat is encouraged, and this includes animal fat. The fat will make you feel full and prevent you from overeating.

It’s not recommended to eat too much protein. Many people mistake banting as a high protein diet, but no more than 90g of protein should be eaten with a meal. Lots of vegetables are encouraged, especially the green leafy kind that are low in carbs. When consuming veggies, make sure you count the carbs so that you eat less starchy vegetables. You can eat fruit and dairy, but again be careful as both contain carbs, so be mindful.

Foods to avoid include bread, cereals, grains, sugar, any refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, and vegetable oils. And eat only when you are hungry!

For a lot of Banters, the things they miss the most are delicious breads and pastas. There is, after all, something very comforting about a big bowl of alfredo! The good news is that Superlite Noodles contain absolutely zero carbohydrates, so anyone Banting or following a LCHF lifestyle can eat noodles to their heart’s content.

Our noodles are carb free and gluten free and just to make you pinch yourself even harder, it is almost calorie free too! With only 11 calories / 100g serving, you hardly have to worry about serving yourself seconds.

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