Beginner 7 Day Banting Meal Plan

Need a Banting Meal Plan? Real Meal Revolution uses the Banting Diet to make low carb (LCHF) simple and structured. For anyone out there looking for a
step-by-step path to adapt to low carb, ketogenic diet, we have the answer.

Tried LCHF and failed? You can be forgiven for not being able to stick to the rules on your first try.

If you take advice from all the experts at once, failing is easy. Quitting carbs, sugar and seed oils while introducing intermittent fasting, fermented foods, a few supplements, some sleep techniques, some meditation, a few sessions a week of high intensity exercise, and oh yes, tracking everything you eat and feel as you go along is no small task. Doctor Google, your friends, your sister-in-law and your wild aunt could leave you chasing your tail.

Sound like hard work?

That’s why we designed the

Phases of Banting


The Banting phases are designed to move you toward your nutritional sweet spot at your own pace. In fact, our system calculates what pace you should progress at based on an Awesome Weight calculation you complete when you join.

The Phases of The Banting Diet are as follows:

You start with one week of


. Basically, you don’t have to change anything you do. All you do is track your meals.

Next, you do


which can last anything from two to 12 weeks depending on how your Awesome Weight calculation works out. Restoration helps you get rid of some bad habits and gets you used to eating off the




list. We also get you eating your daily dose of foods that help restore your gut health. You don’t track any meals and you don’t count any carbs.

Once you’re used to eating clean with no hassles, it is time to take it up a notch and enter


. During Transformation you will drop your carbs down to ketogenic levels forcing your body into rapid fat burning mode. You track meals every second week as though you’re tapping the rudder of your ship, cruising through to your awesome weight.

Half way through Transformation (sometimes 20 odd weeks after starting), we add in some additional

lifestyle hacks

. We start with some intermittent fasting – the ultimate fat burning accelerator – followed by some tips on exercise, sleep and stress management. Preservation also unlock another foods list you can eat from.

Finally, once you reach your Awesome Weight, you begin


which is designed to preserve all the good you have done.

As a


, you can take advantage of guidance from our unrivalled personal support team, an easy shopping list generator, meal tracker, weight goals tools and every other tool you need to get you Banting like a champ in no time. There are also thousands of active members in our bustling private chat room to teach you, first hand, how to

Bant even better


At the heart of it, Real Meal Revolution wants you to eat real food and that is why our program boasts more than 400 Real Meal Revolution original recipes (from all the books and more exclusive to members), more than 50 phased meal plans and more than 50 cooking lessons to usher you into a love affair with healthy, delicious, real food.

Here is a taste of a week in the life of a Beginner Banting convert.

Beginner Banting Meal Plan – Restoration Phase

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