How I Lost the Weight – All 40 lbs!

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I’ve got for you two words: Ketogenic Girl

If you don’t know this name you are about to find out why. I owe my 40 pounds of weight loss to Vanessa Spina, also known as the Ketogenic Girl. Her 28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan is literally helping thousands of people, men and women shed the weight and keep it off for good.

Her unique program is the reason that I believe the ketogenic diet is making breakthroughs as a viable diet plan and I do believe it is here to stay this time. I know that Atkins was popular at one point and then took a back shelf in the diet community, but I personally believe that is because eating a diet of bacon and eggs is not sustainable.

The ketogenic plan is now full of foods like avocados, olives, almond flour, eggs, coconut oil, chocolate, cabbage & cauliflower as an example. There are tons to eat on the plan and so much more information available.

How I Lost the Weight

The ketogenic diet and specifically the Ketogenic Girl’s Accelerated 28 Day Meal Plan introduces you to all of your favorite foods with a keto twist. This makes it sustainable, enjoyable and feeds your happy hormones. What favorite foods am I referring to? How do ribs, shake’n bake chicken, pork chops, chicken wings, crepes, chocolate brownies and chocolate chai pudding sound? Yes! that is all included in her quote-unquote “diet” plan. It’s amazing!!

As you can tell by my enthusiasm, (I am Enthusiastic About Food after all) how much of an advocate I am for this program! I started this plan in January 2017 and I lost 14 pounds in my first month and slimmed down 35 lbs by August in time for my wedding. I sit here today with 40 whole pounds lost eating foods like I mentioned above on Vanessa’s 28-Day Ketogenic Accelerated Weight Loss Plan.

I experienced weight loss beside hundreds of other people who also were losing weight daily. It was such an incredible experience to be losing weight alongside strangers from across the world and encouraging each other. You had a purpose to check in with these people every day. A truly amazing and unique experience.

Why It’s Unique:

The community group:

I have been a member of other ketogenic groups buy nothing like the support for this one. The people in that group are there to support each other. You only get an invitation if you purchase the Accelerated 28 Day Ketogenic Meal Plan. They are real people with real problems similar to yourself. There is no negativity in the group, in fact, Vanessa doesn’t allow it. She sets a culture of support and an environment of encouragement and positivity.

It is similar to a group of friends you grew up with since childhood, where you just understand each other and wouldn’t question standing up for each other if faced with it. Everyone wants the best for each other and for everyone to succeed.

If you fall off the wagon, you post a message about what happened and you get a flurry of posts from supportive fellow challengers who just pick you up, dust you off and get you right back on track. I actually feel emotional typing about how much this group has helped me along in my journey. Truly where I feel the uniqueness comes in.

Free coaching:

If you purchase the Accelerated Meal Plan, you can join her Facebook group and she offers you endless coaching while you are in the program. When I say endless coaching I am mean, never a question she won’t answer, she typically responds within minutes, or someone on the group will chime in to help and after your 28 days, you still have access to the Facebook group with the same coaching. I have been a member since January 23, 2017.

Discounts on other products:

Vanessa considers the 28-Day Challengers a very special group to her and she takes care of you. Whenever she has a new product she is launching, she always gives the challengers a heads up that she will be posting something new.

I remember when Vanessa posted her new mix and match plan, she gave her 28 Day Challengers a 70% discount off the original price of the product. Isn’t that unheard-of? This is where the truly unique also comes in.

Continual development of products:

Since I have joined Vanessa’s community, she has launched a Mix & Match Meal Plan, launched a cookbook “

Keto Essentials

” which is #8 on Amazon’s best-sellers list, and revised her 28-day challenge from multi-servings to single-servings for folks who are only cooking for one. She just recently notified us that she is working on a no-cook meal plan for those folks who need keto on the go! Vanessa is in growth mode trying to get keto to the masses.

How I Learned about Ketogenic Girl:

I can remember the day exactly, I was actually waiting in a line up at the car wash, it was a sunny January day, so I took the opportunity to get a car wash as it was pretty dirty after the brutal Canadian winters we get, however, I live in Calgary, AB so we get Chinook’s. It was a warmer sunny day and I was feeling pretty frustrated about the fact that I was eating a ketogenic diet since June 2016 and I was only down 3 lbs!

Can you imagine watching people on the internet having massive success on a ketogenic diet and I couldn’t even get past the initial water weight? Which means I never actually burned any fat. I came across Vanessa’s profile on Instagram and I made a comment on one of her posts and she immediately responded to me in a private message, asking me what were my goals and a little about my story. I explained where I was at and she responded confidently that I should purchase her 28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan and I would drop the weight. There was no hesitation in her response. I thankfully believed her, purchased the program that day, went to the grocery store that afternoon and purchased all the ingredients and I started her plan the next morning.

What You Eat:

This is the amazing part, your meals are pretty similar to what you might already be eating.

Here is Vanessa highlighting a day of meals on her ketogenic meal plan:

Samples of her meal plans:

I’m A Promoter:

After you have read my story, it doesn’t surprise you why I promote Ketogenic Girl’s 28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan as I have had personal success with it. In addition to my success, I have had two close friends of mine go through the challenge as well and the three of us combined have lost a total of 180 pounds! Just following Vanessa’s plan. Stories like this are common when you are dialed into her online presence.

I put my name and reputation behind the

28 Day Accelerated Meal Plan

and I really hope you seriously consider doing it because it will change your life.

To purchase her plan:

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