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Ballito resident Bridgette Allan has just launched her book, The Banting Solution, which aims to debunk the many myths about the Banting diet.

The book was launched in style at Bargain Books at the Lifestyle Centre recently.

Bridgette met her co-author, Bernadine Douglas, on one of the Facebook Banting groups on which they were both administrators. They noticed that as the groups grew, more and more misinformation was being shared and load of ‘crazy recommendations and myths’ about the lifestyle were popping up and misleading people.

Bridgette had bought into Bernadine’s business – the Slender Slim Clinics – too and frequently in consultation they had people telling them that they have been banting but lost no weight, invariably because they were following a misguided plan.

“We realized there was a need for a go-to guide that had the correct evidence-based information. Although people had access to the ‘Real Meal Revolution’, there still seemed to be so much that was unclear and the man on the street was asking for a lot more information and explanation,” said Allan.

Bridgette is originally from Johannesburg. She matriculated from Pretoria Girls High School and went on to study nursing at what was then known as The Johannesburg Hospital. She graduated she moved to Pietermaritzburg to study midwifery.

“My career life has been very diverse. I have often had to study again or change course to adapt to my life situation. I started my work career as a nurse, working in various hospitals and then in a medical practice,” she said.

She even left the medical field for a while to learn about the kitchen manufacturing industry, CAD design programmes and the building trade when she was married. She later moved to the Upper Highway area and returned to the health and wellness field.

“At this time I wanted to run my own wellness practice that looked at a person’s overall lifestyle and not just treatment of the disease. With this in mind I took up studying alternative therapies and nutrition. This has allowed me to integrate a number of approaches to help people optimise people’s health,” she said.

She has been in Ballito for four years, having moved from Kloof to be with her current partner.

Part of her passion for health and wellness stems from her own experience with poor health and part of it is just because she is a ‘fixer’.

“From very young there has been something inherent in me that needs to fix sick people”.

The Banting Solution addresses “lifestyle diseases” and how low carb eating improves them as well as covers many questions that have arisen about following a low carb lifestyle and spells out exactly what you need to do to successfully lose weight.

“We tackle why we get fat. If we have a good understanding of this, it’s easier to understand why we need to make the changes we do. We tackle lifestyle diseases. These include diabetes, gout, leaky gut and we explain cholesterol and lots more as well as discussing how eating a lchf diet can improve these health problems.”

In part three you will find all the nitty gritty on how to bant for permanent weight loss. The book includes four fabulous, comprehensive seven-day meal plans, taking into account people who need very little carbs, those who are somewhat more carb tolerant, those who are not so keen on fatty foods and of course the vegetarian.

Lastly to add some extra inspiration, some of the group members have shared their success stories and before and after (or during) photos.

“The book is really easy to read. Our focus was on reaching the man on the street,” said Bridgette.

Bridgette and Bernadine plan to have a big book launch in Cape Town in April, after the Afrikaans version is released.

Bridgette Allan with her book.


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