Patrick Holford Weighs in on Noakes and Banting Diets

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As part of their national wellness campaign, Hirsch Ballito recently hosted international nutritionist, Patrick Holford, on his latest whirlwind book tour. Holford, although not a meat-eater himself applauds an


of the latest diet frenzies.

Margaret Bass chats with Patrick Holford after his informative talk.

Patrick Holford is a British nutritionist who launched many South Africans on the road to Optimum Wellness with his series of books on nutrition and range of vitamin supplements engineered to support an individual in being more than merely ‘not sick.’ Holford is a keen proponent of living vibrant health rather than mere breathing.

In an information packed seminar for Ballito residents at Hotel Izulu, Holford admitted he supports Tim Noakes (The Real Meal Revolution) and the current ‘Banting’ craze in the main thing the two diet regimes advocate. Holford, who established the Low GL (Glycaemic Load) Diet plan, admits these two diets achieve exactly what one needs to achieve if one is insulin resistant. By cutting out carbs the diet stops the normal crazy cycle of spiking insulin levels and subsequent energy ‘crashes’ a diet rich in simple sugars and high glycaemic foods (such as breads and cakes) has on the body.

Holford commends the two diets for breaking the sugar addiction an average western diet encourages. He does however warn that these plans are okay in the short term but not sustainable (or healthy) in the long term.

“The problem, ” said Holford, “is that no-one can sustain this type of eating style for life (unless you are an Eskimo living on seals and salmon). Firstly, boredom becomes an issue and secondly the long term effects on the system are not good.”

He went on to describe numerous studies documenting the effect of Ketosis on the kidneys (none of them good) and the known link of carcinogens (high in meats cooked on a very hot heat – such as a braai) and the rate of bowel cancers.

For a ‘smoked salmon sort of vegan; as himself, Holford found the common side effect of pure protein eating rather daunting. For Holford, who rather enjoys a regular trip to the toilet, the constipating effect of the high protein diet was ‘not for him.’

So although he applauded the diets for breaking sugar addictions and stabilizing insulin levels, he also suggested there was another, more kitchen friendly, way to do the same thing.

”One step further is the low-GL diet, which factors in both the quality of carbs and the quantity, which has the net effect of stabilizing blood sugar but without the extreme restriction on carbohydrates,” says Holford.

Holford went on to give a detailed explanation on how to stabilize blood sugars by consuming small quantities of good quality, slow sugar releasing carbohydrates.

An enthralled audience at the recent talk by Patrick Holford discussing the 5 Rules for Optimum Living

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