The Banting Diet…What can you eat?

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I have been following the Banting Diet (a form of low carb high fat eating lifestyle…

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for more info on the basics of Banting) for the past 3 months now, and have lost a total of 5kg’s. I wasn’t planning on losing any weight when I started, but I had been hearing so many great things about the Banting lifestyle that I thought I’d try it for myself. And I must say I was incredibly intrigued by the claims that I could eat cream cheese and still lose weight!

My body has adjusted and gotten used to this way of eating (this doesn’t mean I don’t fall off the bandwagon every now and again) but as there are still loads of delicious things you can can eat and make it’s pretty easy to stay on the right track (click the following for two yummy recipes;

Broccoli & Cheese burgers


Cream Cheese Pancakes

). Following the Banting lifestyle does require more thought and effort than eating regular meals, but is is possible to do, even right here in South Korea. Farmboy and I have actually found that we spend less money now on groceries, even though we are buying things like bacon and cream cheese on a regular basis.

Please do bear in mind that everyone’s body is different. Banting doesn’t work for some people who are very sensitive to dairy, which then can lead to weight  (this is where you can try the Paleo diet which follows similar principles to Banting but without the dairy). But for me the results have been incredible. For the past year I have been exercising consistently 5 times a week and eating healthy meals and had yet to loose any weight. With Banting I am trimmer than I have ever been and I am doing less exercise than before. Granted I am not as toned or strong as I was before and some of the weight will be muscle, but my body looks and feels so different.

Here are the food lists of what you can and can’t eat as set out by Tim Noakes, the author of the book

The Real Meal Revolution

. You can find out more about the book and get yourself a copy by

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. If you want to see results you have to start off being very strict with yourself. Not cheating. Trust me, once you start seeing results that bagel is going to look less and less appealing. And the great thing is, you can still bake! I bake all the time and am still able to satisfy my sweet tooth without sacrificing my hips. Some people will say that the gluten free, sugar free baked goods aren’t as good as the real thing. Well, of course they’re not, but they come pretty close and eating them isn’t harmful to your body like the original recipes.

Also, my favourite Banters, The Banting Blondes have just launched a brand new Ebook full of all of their delicious recipes.

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to get yourself a copy.

By buying their book you are supporting the ’Breadline Africa’ Charity Fund




to help impoverished communities become self-sustainable .

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