The Banting diet: What is on the really red list?

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The banting diet has gained huge popularity in South Africa in recent years. The concept isn’t exactly new. In fact, the “banting” part in “banting diet” comes from William Banting, an undertaker from England who popularized the LCHF way of eating back in the 1800s.

Various of the banting diet includes eating plans like the “Atkins” diet.

Back here in South Africa, “banting” has been popularised by Tim Noakes. It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, but many who follow it strictly have reported all sorts of benefits and some incredible results.

As with all lifestyle choices, banting does split opinion. So, we’ll just say this one thing: consult with your doctor before starting on any sort of plan.

What is the banting diet?

In short, it’s a lifestyle that limits eating carbs and advocates for eating moderate protein and high fat. Yes, folks, butter isn’t banished on this programme.

It’s a lifestyle both people who struggle with diabetes and who are trying to lose weight subscribe to.

What are the benefits of low-carb diets?

According to

, following a low-carb lifestyle can lead to improved blood glucose levels and increased energy.

What is on the really red list of the banting diet?

Here are some things you should absolutely avoid if you’re following


way of eating.

Anything with added sugar


Fast food


Soft drinks (including sugar free versions)

Canned fruit




Golden Syrup

Cheese spread

Coffee creamer

Condensed milk

Ice cream (unless it’s a special low carb brand)

Commercial breakfas cereals

Rule of thumb: check the nutritional value of foods, if it’s packed with added sugar, avoid it.


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