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At the mention of the word banting, people cringe and have labelled it as a false diet used to gain attention – I happened to be one of those people who thought that people are just tricking their minds into believing that they can eat as much as they’d like and still lose weight. I’m glad that I’ve tried it myself after being pressured by friends – yes I am a bit thin myself, but my idiot being bought an expensive pair of jeans that were 2 sizes down and couldn’t exchange it after missing the return date – Yes I’m a loser! I then wanted to lose weight simply to fit into these jeans but starvation wouldn’t work and neither could I stop myself from snacking.

Banting consists of you eating the right fats (which are mostly animals fats) and a low amount carbs not exceeding 5g per 100g and completely cutting out sugar – YES SUGAR. The best part is that you can eat until you’re full but don’t consume more than 80g of meat.

Banting is a low-carb and high-fat diet (LCHF). It was made popular and named after William Banting. Professor Tim Noakes found Banting’s idea incredible and even wrote a book about it called The Real Meal Revolution. Banting gives your body the idea that you’re burning carbs for energy to burning fat completely. Banting is also very affordable.

Remember your protein intake should be moderate so there is no reason to go above and beyond as this is a common misconception. Vegetables and meat should be 50-50 one don’t have to be above the other.

I ate different vegetables of all colours every day along with fatty pieces of meat (steamed) walked at least 2 km and back every day. Ate before 6 pm and drank at least 4 cups of water a day. As an alternative to sugar, I blended fruit and drank it or just made a simple fruit salad.


Banting smoothies recipe

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